Educational Disparities and Youth Participation in Decision Making

HERO in collaboration with the Saam Foundation, organized a thought-provoking conference titled ‘Education Disparities and Youth Participation in Decision Making’ on December 16th, 2023, at the Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower in Islamabad. The primary objective of the conference was to address educational challenges and discuss issues related to youth involvement in decision-making processes.

The event featured distinguished speakers who brought a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Among them were Mr. Saqib ur Rehman, the Vice President of KPL, a prominent business icon, and the Founder of HERO and Mr Gulam Murtaza, a seasoned professional with over ten years of expertise in countering violent extremism (CVE), advocating for human rights, and fortifying democracy. Also, Miss Hina Nisar Sadouzai, the CEO of Cognition Hub and LEAD HRD Trainer/Consultant at ORG.EXC, with a background as a Training Consultant at the National Productivity Organization. Additionally, Mr. Dr. Muhammad Hussain, the lead author of the book titled “Youth & Democracy – The Role of Youth in Promoting Democratic Values in Pakistan,” contributed as a seasoned educator, trainer, researcher, and specialist in curriculum development.

The conference witnessed the active participation of 60 university students from the twin cities, representing diverse backgrounds. Open discussions and engaging activities were key components of the event, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the dialogue. A panel discussion was organized towards the end, which proved to be highly productive, providing a platform for in-depth conversations. Miss Rabeea Anwar, Mr Tayyab Wahand, Mr Saqib ur Rehman and Miss Amna Junaid participated in this panel discussion.

As the event concluded, refreshments were provided, and certificates were distributed to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the participants. The conference not only shed light on pressing educational issues but also encouraged a collaborative environment for discussing and addressing challenges in youth participation in decision-making processes.