Kashmir Premier League -KPL

HERO proudly presents the Kashmir Premier League, a mega and breathtaking project aimed at promoting the significance and talent of Kashmir on a global scale. The KPL adopts the T20 format, bringing together cricketing enthusiasts and professionals alike to celebrate the spirit of the sport.

This league serves as a premier platform for the young cricketing talent of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills alongside esteemed national and international cricketers. Set against the captivating backdrop of Kashmir’s scenic landscapes, the KPL promises to deliver high-quality cricketing action that will be broadcasted live across the globe.

KPL marks a significant milestone for Kashmir, offering the world a fresh perspective on the region and its people. It embodies a token of solidarity and sentiment from Pakistan towards the people of Kashmir, projecting a soft and inclusive image within the international cricketing community

Season 1

HERO is delighted to acknowledge the remarkable success of the inaugural season of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL), which took place from the 6th to 17th of August 2021 at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium. The tournament witnessed Rawalakot Hawks emerge victorious, leaving an indelible impact on cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As the proud sponsor and supporter of KPL, HERO celebrates the success of the league’s inaugural season.

Season 2

Following a successful inaugural season, the second season of the Kashmir Premier League took place from August 13 to 26, 2022, at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium. The thrilling tournament saw Mirpur Royals emerge as the champions, leaving a lasting impact on cricket enthusiasts and supporters alike.

The second season of the KPL underscored the league’s commitment to promoting cricketing talent and promoting a sense of unity and sportsmanship among the people of Kashmir. It was a testament to the league’s growing stature and significance in the world of cricket, promising even more excitement and success in the seasons to come.